Amazing TBI Recovery Of Older Olympian

From  “Healing the Young Brain” “One of the most interesting cases of head trauma is that of Grandma Luge.  Anne Abernathy has competed in six winter Olympic games.  When she was just forty years of age, much older than her teammates on the U.S. Olympic luge team, she earned the nickname Grandma Luge.  While competing,.. read more →


   As we have mentioned before, we believe that many cases of ADHD, epilepsy, hyperactivity, and aggressive behaviors are the result of an undiagnosed head injury.  This is one of the reasons for the cluster of problems that encompass the primary diagnosis.  We are always on the lookout for past head traumas that may present.. read more →

Anxiety And Panic Attacks

From Healing Young Brains, and our Practice: Imagine if you will, living in a state of constant worry.  Sometimes it is just a sense of uneasiness; at other times, it is a chronic state of fear; and at still other times, it is a paralysis of will.  There are people who spend their life bracing.. read more →

Neurofeedback For Depression

       We do not normally think of children being depressed, but depression knows no social, economic, gender, or age boundaries.  There are many children with dysregulated  brains who manifest symptoms of depression.  Many children diagnosed with ADHD and other disorders are actually depressed, and if you clear the depression the attentional and behavioral.. read more →

Autism and Neurofeedback, Early Intervention

(from Healing Young Brains) Parents should be aware of the early signs of autism.  Often when autism occurs in infancy, there is an unfolding of behaviors over time.  The child: -May not appear to enjoy being cooed to or sung to -May not babble -May not enjoy being lifted or swung -May not make eye.. read more →

AUTISM: From Healing Young Brains by doctors Castro and Hill

“In many ways, autism is the condition that most epitomizes a dysregulation disorder.  Varying toxic loads affect different regulatory mechanisms in the brain differently.  Children with autism may share any of a number of symptoms, but there is no disorder in the DSM-IV that has such an array of differences.  Even in identical twins with.. read more →

More vital, cutting edge information on helping improve the function of autistic families

More vital, cutting edge information on helping improve the function of autistic families.  From Healing Young Brains: “The DSM-IV criteria are useful in organizing our thinking about diagnosing autism, but they do not cover the physiological disturbances commonly seen that reveal autism to be a medical disorder.  These may be deficits in speech and sensory,.. read more →


We have had great success at improving the level of functioning in our autistic patients by using neurofeedback and nutrition in addition to present medical care.  The following is from Healing Young Brains by Eduardo Castro, M.D. and Robert Hill, Ph.D.  They relate to over 30 years helping Autism patients:      “Autism:  It is one.. read more →

Memory Protection Plan

Memory Protection Plan and Brain Brightening with neurofeedback.  You or someone you want to help can have a brain map QEEG and learn the neurological status and find out if the brain is still trainable.  Read the following on Dementia and Baby Boomers.  You can be proactive about your memory and optimize your mental health. .. read more →


Neurofeedback is a quick, noninvasive, cost-effective treatment for a wide variety of disorders that affect not only children, but also adults.  So without years of medical treatment, talking pills, or managing difficult diets, without months or even years of traditional therapy or behavior modification, we can successfully treat disorders like autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and.. read more →