ADHD, Anxiety, Depression- Natural Help

From Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul G. Swingle, Ph.D.      “The evidence speaks for itself.  Neurotherapy is a primary-care alternative for the treatment of many disorders that have traditionally been sedated, if they could be corrected at all.  It truly satisfies the medical credo Primum Non Nocere,  “First, do no harm.”  Problems in.. read more →

ADHD, Anxiety Natural Cures

From Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul Swingle      “Many of us have had “ah-ha” and “om” experiences.  The ah-ha experience is an instant burst of insight in which an explanation, a problem solution, or the proper course of action suddenly occurs to us.  In our culture, the om experience is less common.  It is.. read more →

Severe Anxiety and Natural Remedy

From Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul G. Swingle, Ph.D. “Question:  I received neurotherapy treatment for a severe anxiety condition.  I found that my general health seems to have improved as well.  Is this improvement related to the neurotherapy? Answer:  The improvement could be either a direct or an indirect benefit of the treatment.  Increasing.. read more →

Traumatic Brain Injury: What You Can Do About It

There are on average two million reported brain injuries every year in the US. Up to 50 percent of those can have enduring symptoms six months or more after the injury (source-Jacobson, 1995). A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result in problems with memory recall, behavior, emotional control and attention. Those affected can also become.. read more →

Sports Psychology and Neurofeedback

From:  Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul E. Swingle, Ph. D.    ” FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q:  Why do some sports teams have psychologists? A:  Psychologists can really help teams play better.  Some psychologists help players keep their minds sharply focused on the game.  Neurotherapists (neurofeedback) also can help by making a player’s brain more.. read more →

Optimal Brain Function Naturally

From:  Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul G. Swingle, Ph.D.      “Although the major focus of this book is the neurotherapeutic treatment of disorders, neurotherapy can be directed at heightening brain efficiency in people without disorders.  As I explain to my clients, you can think of neurotherapy as a continuum running from left to.. read more →

ADHD, Anxiety, Depression. TBI: Best Natural Help

The Promise of Neurotherapy in the Future From Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul G. Swingle, Ph.D.     “THE FIELD OF NEUROTHERAPY IS DEVELOPING AT AN ACCELERATED PACE.  For diagnosis and assessment, therapists are able to compare the brain functioning of clients to data banks of the brain functioning of many different groups of people. .. read more →

A Simple Answer To “What Is Neurofeedback”

We get asked a lot, “What Is Neurofeedback?” Here is simple answer: Imagine a musical quartet. 3 of you know a song by heart, but the fourth doesn’t. As a result, any performance will suffer, even though 3 of you know the song perfectly. The effect of that fourth player impacts the entire performance. So.. read more →

Get Back In “The Zone” With Neurofeedback

Stay In Control And Function Under Pressure To understand how easily the brain can impact our ability to stay in control, imagine you are walking across a balance beam. If the beam is only 6 inches off the ground, this is a simple task. But if the beam is 60 feet off the ground, panic.. read more →

Neurofeedback And Sleep Issues: How It Can Help

Here’s a Fact: The brain regulates sleep. Specifically, delta brainwaves are responsible for the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative, healing sleep. Adequate production of delta waves helps us feel completely rejuvenated after we wake up from a good night’s sleep. Many people will often turn to medications to help them sleep better. While these.. read more →