Can Neurofeedback Help Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is caused by a breakdown in the nerve cells that make dopamine, a neurotransmitter. This breakdown affects a person’s motor function, causing uncontrollable shaking and loss of voluntary muscle movement. About 1 million Americans live with it, and as of now there is no known cure. However, studies have shown that brain-based therapies.. read more →

ADD Diagnosis?

  “A typical scenario in our society is that Johnny is disruptive in class, so the teacher tells the parents, He needs to be on Ritalin.  The busy parents, both of whom work, take Johnny to the over-worked pediatrician.  They describe Johnny’s disruptive behavior, poor attentional skills, and bad grades.  Johnny is placed on Ritalin.  Johnny’s.. read more →

ADD Improve Naturally

  “Neurofeedback is perhaps the biggest breakthrough in non-invasive medicine in the last fifty years.  It is a self-regulating process that offers the patient some control over his own recovery.  Although patients are usually helped by such treatments as nutritional strategies, elimination of toxins, allergy treatments, homeopathy, and behavior modification, neurofeedback can stand alone as the.. read more →

How to Reduce Stress & Perform Better Under Pressure.

The Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science is world renown. The faculty and alumni of Columbia Engineering have won 10 Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, medicine, and economics. So when they publish a study, people take notice. Recently, they completed a study on the effects of neurofeedback based on the idea that humans.. read more →

Don’t Ignore Your Brain

The brain is the control center for your entire body. Everything from cognitive thinking to breathing, regeneration and pain management run through the brain. If you’re taking steps to take care of your body, then you definitely need to take care of the brain. The key to keeping the brain healthy is understanding how it.. read more →

ADD History of Natural Care

 “Professor Joe Kamiya of the University of California at Berkely got this approach started in the 1960s with his pioneering research  in alpha brainwaves.  Then, in the 1970s, Dr. Barry Sterman of the Sepulveda, California Veterans’ Administration Medical Center Research Services did much of the early work in epilepsy.  If you could change the brainwaves.. read more →

Neurofeedback Has Potential For Drug Resistant Depression

A small pilot study has indicated that neurofeedback – where patients concentrate on modifying their own brainwave patterns – has potential to treat many of the 100 million people worldwide who suffer from Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD). This is the first time that neurofeedback has been shown to improve both individual symptoms and overall recovery in.. read more →

Epilepsy and Natural Care

  “When the notion of retraining the brain was first discussed, traditional physicians bristled.  “You cannot train the brain, we need a medication to speed it up or slow it down.”  Almost every thing in medicine ultimately boils down to cutting something out or giving a pill–the cut-and-poison track.  In contrast to this, there is a.. read more →

Neurofeedback Relief For Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia is a clinical syndrome characterized by widespread muscle pain and fatigue, and can severely affect sleep, memory and mood. It is more common in women as they age, but can affect anyone. The origins of fibromyalgia have in recent years been traced back to the brain and how it processes and transfers neural signals… read more →

ADHD Natural Care Opposed By Drugs

 From Drs. Hill and Castro, Getting Rid of Ritalin.       “Mainstream opponents of neurofeedback, who are entrenched in the old medical paradigms or who are beholden to pharmaceutical firms for their research funding, state the wide ranging benefits we claim are anecdotal or temporary.  This thinking is typical of those who are wedded to.. read more →