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Stroke Improvement with Neurofeedback

“FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION:  STROKES Q:  I had a stroke four years ago. I made a good recovery during the first year or so but little since.  My physiotherapist said that most of the recovery takes place in the first two years and little thereafter.  Is there any reason for optimism four years after the stroke?.. read more →

Traumatic Brain Injury and Anxiety

“Vincent had fifteen treatment sessions before he stopped worrying about me electrically stimulating his brain.  The obsessiveness, or perseveration, is common in TBI, where short term memory is compromised:  patients get an idea in their heads and cannot get it out.  The effects of brain injury on concentration and memory have been well documented, for.. read more →

Neuroplasticity of the Brain

“The Plasticity of the Brain Expanding Boundaries”      Another exciting avenue of research, enriching the brain’s general capabilities, has tremendous potential.  Traditionally, people have been taught that they have to live with the limitations they were born with.  If you are born with an IQ of 85, then you have that level of intelligence.. read more →

Fibromyalgia and Neurofeedback

“Question:  My wife says that her doctor told her that fibromyalgia is caused by stress and that there is no cure.  This seems contradictory to me.  Can fibromyalgia be treated? Answer:  Stress does not actually cause anything.  It can only increase the likelihood of occurrence.  Treatment of fibromyalgia is possible through neurotherapeutic correction of the.. read more →

Is Your Brain Causing You Pain?

“Some Possible Brainwave Effects: TOO MUCH:  Mental fog, pain=Delta Waves.  Cannot stay focused=Theta Waves.  Cannot finish projects, cannot sleep=Alpha Waves.  Anxiety=Beta.TOO LITTLE:  Poor sleep=Delta Waves.  Cannot relax=Theta Waves.  Mental chatter=Alpha Waves.  Cannot concentrate=Beta Waves.”  pg.29 Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul G. Swingle.  Too much or too little of any brain wave pattern causes symptoms.. read more →

ADHD and Addictive Behavior

 “Question:  My brother is a drug addict and tells me that his addiction was caused by the ADHD.  Is this true?”     “Answer:  Many adults with untreated ADHD develop problems with drugs.  Often this occurs because  the ADHD leads to failures that in turn lead to attempts to escape the negative feelings about being a.. read more →

Adult ADHD and Challenges

 “Joel and Judith Lubar report that adults with ADD are likely to have reactive depression because of repeated failures and inability to meet their own, often unrealistic, standards.  Indeed, between 70 and 80 percent of children with ADHD continue to experience significant problems in adulthood.  Neurotherapists have known for some time that a far greater.. read more →

ADD/ADHD, Holistic Intervention

A HOLISTIC INTERVENTION PLAN:     “A theme that I stress throughout this book is that brainwave biofeedback is not a stand alone treatment.  One can markedly improve the poor functioning of the brain of an ADHD child, for example, but still not see important changes in the child’s performance, family relationships, or personal sense of.. read more →

ADHD and the Brain Map Findings

 Example “After taking all the measurements, I printed out the data and made some calculations to determine the areas of Jason’s brain that showed problematic activity.  I go over my calculations with clients in detail to verify that the information I have gained about their condition matches their experiences and is  the reason they are.. read more →

Being Sober and Neurofeedback

FREQUENTLY ASKED :Q:  I saw a neurotherapist who said I had to be sober for one month before he would treat me.  I cannot stop drinking.  Can I be treated anyway?A:  You need enough sobriety to have a minimally clear head.  I have had success with those who could manage to stay sober only a.. read more →