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05 Nov 2020

ADD, Concentration Challenges

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 “The chronic low-arousal state in ADD is like someone trying to work in a dimly lit room.  It is hard to concentrate, stay on task, and complete the job.   It is easy to become discouraged, frustrated, bored, and depressed.  The chronically under-aroused brain may seek stimulation.  Stimulation seekers are frequently hyperactive; there is often a lot of purposeless movement and out-of-control behavior.  Frequently, the stimulation seeker acts externally with the larger world, demonstrating risk-taking and thrill-seeking behavior.  Drugs and alcohol may play a major role in the life of the ADD risk-taker.  Frequently, the professional treating ADD is dealing with many and varying symptoms at one time.     Thus, ADD and its concomitant behaviors often present the therapist with very complex problems.  We frequently see ADD patients who are kicked out of school, in trouble with the law, angry, depressed, and using drugs and alcohol.  Fortunately, neurofeedback can deal with all of these issues with remarkable speed and success because all of these problems relate to arousal levels of the brain.”  pp.10-11.  From Getting Rid of Ritalin.  By Robert W. Hill, Ph.D. and Eduardo Castro, M.D..