24 May 2018

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Whiplash

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Biofeedback for the Brain.  Paul G. Swingle, Ph.D.

“The brain is nearly always capable of recovery and growth. Mark Rosenzweig’s research at the University of California at Berkeley showed the brain-cell populations are affected dramatically by experience.  At a fundamental level, Bruce Lipton has shown that genes do not determine behavior but must be “turned on” by experience, thoughts, or emotions.  The scientific data suggests that the brain can learn to change its “biological wiring” patterns and function in an improved manner.  Brain-injured patients can recover the function. . . years after the presumed loss of the potential for recovery.

Robert Thatcher, professor at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, summarizes many of the important issues in traumatic brain injury (TBI) in his review article in Clinical Electroencephalography.  Thatcher points out that TBI virtually always damages the frontal areas in the brain, so people with TBI have serious problems with executive functions such as planning, managing anger, and emotional and impulse control.

The Brain Injury Association of America estimates that 2 percent of the population is disabled from TBI.  In addition to mood disorders and anger problems, the common effects of TBI are problems with memory, agitation, anxiety, fatigue, comprehension, perseveration, motivation, reasoning, problem solving, rate of activity, and concentration.

One of the major contributions of neurotherapy (neurofeedback) to the treatment of TBI is to correctly identify injured areas of the brain. . . .  Kirtley Thornton and Dennis Carmody of the Center for Health Psychology and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey report that quantitative EEG (QEEG) correctly identifies TBI in more than 90% of the cases. . . .  Because of the precise numerical form (QEEG), the brainwave activity can be summarized and objectively analyzed for trends or for departures from average numerical values.”


Drs. Kelsey specialize in brain traumatology therapies that work.  Drs. Vicki and Charles are graduates of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.  Graduates of this program have received the most in-depth science-based training available today.  The program covers the entire spectrum from the physics of motor vehicle crashes to human biomechanics to dianostics and management of head injuries.  See SRISD.com for more details about the program and listing of graduate doctors.

Dr. Vicki has passed her certification exam for neurofeedback, and as soon as the final approval is done, will be able to add BCN after her name (board certified in neurofeedback.  This puts her in an elite category