02 Apr 2019

Seizures and Neurofeedback Therapy

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From Healing Young Brains by Robert Hill, Ph.D., and Eduardo Castro, M.D.

“Seizures are caused by abnormal and excessive amplitude brainwave spiking.  The spikes are known as epileptiform discharges   That means that you get a very high spike(s) in the brainwaves.  It is like a strong burst of energy in a particular area of the brain that overrides all the other brainwaves.   It is like a strong electrical surge to your computer that disrupts everything.  The frequency band where these abnormal firings occur is in the low-frequency range, usually between six and nine hertz.  There is less of what we term “cortical control” when there is an excess of low-frequency waves.  We have to have a sufficient amount of mid-range brainwaves in order for the brain to monitor and control unconscious processes.  We find this is true in a number of unconscious processes, such as sleep, apnea, and snoring.  Therefore the therapeutic strategy for treating epilepsy is to train the patient to make more SMR, twelve to fifteen hertz, which is a “calm”, relaxed, and focused,”frequency band, and to inhibit or train down the low-frequency band, six to nine hertz.”