03 Oct 2019

Reactive Depression and Neurofeedback

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From Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul G. Swingle, Ph.D.     


Q:  I never had a problem with depression, but recently I lost my job, and I cannot seem to get over feeling hopeless and very sad.  My doctor suggested antidepressant medication.  Do you agree?

A:  The distinction between neurologically based depression and reactive depression is important.  It sounds as though you are experiencing reactive depression following the loss of your job.  Taking antidepressant medication is a big mistake under these conditions.  Depression is a normal reaction;  it is the body’s way of signaling you to take action to correct the conditions giving rise to your reactive depression. I would suggest working with a therapist or personal coach to plan the steps necessary to get back into the job market.  Taking medications will likely just make a bad situation worse.  Neurotherapy may help here as well if you have a predisposition to depression.  If so, the neurotherapist can correct that neurological predisposition” p.152.