27 Sep 2019

Overcoming Addiction With Neurofeedback

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Consider this: The entire body is regulated by the brain, which is basically a complex system of information-laden circuits called neurons. Introducing drugs and alcohol into the brain can confuse this circuitry, which is why these narcotics can cause people to act reckless and irresponsible.

Now imagine what can happen to the brain after long term exposure to these same chemicals.

Addictive drugs in the brain trigger the release of dopamine, which then floods the reward system circuitry with pleasurable messages. The brain remembers this event, and as part of its survival orientation, it sends messages to the user to keep using the drug.

Breaking this cycle can be difficult. The types of medications for addiction can be addictive themselves. And trying to go cold turkey can be brutal on both the metabolic system and the brain. Most relapse without some form of solid support. The best solution is going to be one that targets the brain to remove the neural connections that associate drugs with the dopamine reward that it is used to.

Neurofeedback is a great tool for improving or eliminating addiction for good. It targets the brainwaves and brain patterns that stimulate addiction and helps to reset those patterns to remove the desire for more. Neurofeedback is non-invasive, drug-free and produces no negative side effects. Research has shown an 85 percent success rate for patients in terms of improvements in their ability to focus, regulate behavior and reduce impulsivity, which all help in reducing relapse

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