03 Jan 2020

Obsessive Behavior: How to overcome the urges

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Obsessive Behavior: How to overcome the urges

Most people have some minor form of obsessive behavior. Whether it’s a simple routine of having your coffee first thing when you wake up or needling to organize a closet or room constantly. It serves as a minor therapy to make you feel better about the space around you.

However, for some people the obsessive behavior is more severe. It could be the need to keep items in a perfectly straight line, or constantly cleaning the kitchen to make it spotless. These actions point to a bigger problem in the brain.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is born out of anxiety as a coping mechanism. In both cases, the brain’s emotional areas are overstimulated, while the areas that handle regulation are under-stimulated. As a result, the brain seeks out some form of control to help provide comfort. Organization and cleaning are merely ways to assert some control over one’s environment. There are medications to help those with OCD, but most are actually designed for other conditions like anxiety. Plus the side effects can sometimes be worse.

For those who live in or near Fort Wayne there is a safer and more accurate alternative. Neurofeedback is a computer based system that directly targets the areas of the brain that are under or overstimulated. With multiple sessions, the brain can learn to regulate itself more easily, which can often lead to a reduction or elimination of obsessive behavior. The process is safe, non-invasive and enjoyable.