07 Nov 2019

Neurotherapy (Neurofeedback) Primary Treatment Option

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From Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul G. Swingle, Ph.D.   

 “Neurofeedback has a broad reach.  It is evolving into a primary-care alternative to prescription drugs for many disorders.  Rather than sedating overactive children or forgetful seniors, neurotherapy changes the neuro-physiological bases of the problem.  When administered by licensed and well-trained professionals, neurotheray has no adverse side effects.  Successfully treated clients do not have to depend on a drug to get by in life.  Neurotherapy is a primary treatment option rather than the last resort of patients who are casualties of drug-oriented treatments.   As described previously, attention deficiencies in children and anxiety disorders in adults are easily improved with neurotherapy.  More challenging conditions, such as the severe depressions, psychoses, personality disorders, the aftermath of severe mental trauma, brain dysfunctions, and seizure disorders are now also being treated with neurotherapy as a first choice.  Neurotherapy is emerging as an initial choice because it works without adverse side effects, the changes are permanent, and clients are not harmed by, nor do they become dependent on, drugs.”  p. 160.