26 Aug 2019

Drugs and Neurofeedback: Frequently asked Questions

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From Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul G. Swingle, Ph.D.


Q:  My son uses drugs.  He will not come to see you, and I think the reason is because he thinks you will be able to tell that he has used drugs.  Can you tell from his brain if he has used drugs?

A.  We can see specific patterns in some brainwaves associated with certain drugs.  But the drug itself may increase the brainwaves that I am trying to strengthen with the neurotherapy, thus masking underlying brainwave abnormalities and minimizing the effectiveness of the treatment.  I explain this problem to the addict-client, and we work out a deal about staying clean for a number of hours before each treatment.”  There are specific neurofeedback treatment protocols for addiction, and they are highly effective.