20 May 2019

Depression in Children

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From:Healing Young Brains by Robert Hill, Ph.D. and Eduardo Castro, M.D.     
DEPRESSION affects all ages.

“We do not normally think of children being depressed, but depression knows no social, economic, gender, or age boundaries.  There are many children with dysregulated brains who manifest symptoms of depression.  Many children diagnosed with ADHD and other disorders are actually depressed, and if you clear the depression, the attentional and behavioral problems disappear.  Depression can manifest at any age.  Once again, if we rescue the child, we save the adult.  If brainwaves are not regulated in childhood, they may carry those dysregulated brainwaves into adulthood.  We know of no specific clinical studies confirming that treatment of children for depression precludes depressive patterns in adulthood, but in our clinical practices, this idea seems to hold up.”