03 Sep 2019

Could Your Brain Be Telling You Something?

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Our brains are very good at letting us know when something is wrong. Being tired, angry or just confused could be signals that the brain needs attention.

However, fatigue may not just be a lack of sleep. Likewise, anger may be more than a reaction to present events. It could be that the brain is out of balance, which could trigger larger chronic problems like anxiety or depression.

Your brain is a supercomputer, a complex matrix of neurons that all work together to help us think, focus, sleep, react, breathe and more. But also like a computer, a system this complex can easily encounter issues, making it function less efficiently or stop working properly. When this happens, the brain may be in need of a tune up.

Neurofeedback is the best tool available to tune the brain. It targets brainwaves, looking for irregular patterns, then helps guide them back into normal ranges. Over several sessions, the brain starts to remember where those normal ranges are and will be able to function normally without help. The process is non-invasive, safe and enjoyable. But more importantly, as the brain starts to rebalance, symptoms like fatigue, anger and mood swings should start to disappear. If you are experiencing any brain related issues, it might be worth your while to get a QEEG brain map. This process scans the surface of the brain to identify irregular brain wave and accurately identify many neurological issues. Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what’s going on inside YOUR brain?


If you live in the Fort Wayne area and are having some of the problems listed above, come in for a non-invasive brain scan. This revolutionary tool can identify most problems in the brain in less than 30 minutes.

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