11 Jul 2019

Autism and Neurofeedback Questions

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From Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul G. Swingle, Ph.D.   


Q:  My autistic  daughter was treated by a nurse who conducted brainwave biofeedback.  My daughter became much worse.  The nurse said that this outcome had nothing to do with her treatment and that my child was not a good candidate for neurotherapy.  Did neurotherapy make my child worse?     A:  Possibly, particularly if the treatment was “one size fits all.”  In some cases of autism, a certain area of the brain must be kept calm during early treatment or the condition can markedly worsen.  “One size fits all” treatments are not precise enough for such conditions.  Precision treatment is based on a careful assessment and involves correcting the brain inefficiencies while monitoring other areas of the brain to minimize any temporary worsening of specific autistic symptoms.  Clearly, only certified and licensed professionals with the capability to do full brain assessments are qualified to treat such cases.”  Dr. Vicki Kelsey is such a doctor as she is a B.C.I.A. certified, licensed  professional.