26 Sep 2018

Anxiety and ADHD, Natural Cure Neurofeedback

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From Healing Young Brains by Hill, Ph.D., and Castro, M.D.

     ANXIETY is a very pervasive disorder that also knows no boundaries.  Anxieties are prevalent in every nook and cranny of this and every other country, and they are not limited to age, gender, or socioeconomic status.

     CHILDREN frequently have anxieties about the broad new world they are facing; fortunately for most children, these are just stages that they grow through.  For some children, however, anxiety becomes a way of life and many of their anxieties are carried into adulthood.  Anxieties also tend to generalize from one worry to another, to another.  Many of our adult patients report that they were “worriers” for as long as they could remember.  We frequently hear childhood stories of anxieties that persist even into the late stages of adult life.  If we can work with the children before these “worries” become entrenched, we can save a lot of pain in later years.

     The most common use of biofeedback/neurofeedback over the past thirty or forty years has been for relaxation and stress management.  We have long realized that both chronic and acute stress can lead to various anxiety states.  Anxiety can manifest in a number of different ways, from a severe panic attack to phobias.  It can also manifest in less severe cases such as performance anxiety or stage fright.  The single most important function of brainwave training ais its effect on the overexcited limbic system.    When you calm the central system (the brain), you are calming the entire system, internally and externally.

      The benefits of neurofeedback for anxiety is seen in many conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Depression.