24 Jun 2019

Alzheimer’s and Natural Neurofeedback “Tune Up”

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From Biofeedback for the Brain by Paul G. Swingle, Ph.D.   

 “A tune-up treatment often used for elderly people who feel they are becoming mentally sluggish or forgetful is to increase alpha parking/unparking efficiency.  This type of treatment is also used to correct iatrogenic “Alzheimer’s” disorder–that is, symptoms that mimic Alzheimer’s but are caused by drug treatment.  I frequently see elderly clients who, because they felt that they were becoming forgetful or have been told so by “concerned” others, have gone to see their physicians.  The physicians, for lack of another diagnosis, tell the clients they they may be experiencing early signs of Alzheimer’s disorder.  These clients become upset and agitated and lose sleep, and they are often prescribed sedating medications for these problems.  The effects of the medications on seniors include forgetfulness, disorientation, fatigue, and cognitive slowness–in other words, the very symptoms associated with senility.”