16 Jul 2020

ADD History of Natural Care

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 “Professor Joe Kamiya of the University of California at Berkely got this approach started in the 1960s with his pioneering research  in alpha brainwaves.  Then, in the 1970s, Dr. Barry Sterman of the Sepulveda, California Veterans’ Administration Medical Center Research Services did much of the early work in epilepsy.  If you could change the brainwaves of a patient with epilepsy, then why not change the brainwaves of a person with attention deficit disorder?     This was the basic question asked by Dr. Joel Lubar, professor of psychology at the University of Tennessee.  After all, there are similarities among the brainwave patterns in people with epilepsy and ADD.  While Dr. Sterman worked tirelessly to help patients train their brains to be more resistant to seizures, in the mid-1970s Dr. Lubar and his wife, Judith, dedicated themselves to helping children train their brains to be more resistant to attentional lapses and hyperative outbursts.      So much credit is due to pioneers like Joe Kamiya, Barry Sterman, and Joel and Judith Lubar.  They had to stand up tidal waves of professional neglect and peer ridicule.  Yet, it is their work and courage that has inspired thousands of professionals to use neurofeedbak in the treatment of ADD and many other disorders.  Because of these pioneers, we are truly at a break-through point in human potential.  Human beings have far more potential than traditional medicine has dared to consider.”

p. xiv.  Getting Rid of Ritalin by Robert Hill, Ph.D. and Eduardo Castro, M.D.